Trim your plant

You can trim small bud-leaves either before or after the drying process. if you are afraid of mold during the drying process, it’s better to remove at least big leaves if not all leaves.

There are many different ways to trim your plant, make experiences and see what suits you best. The quality of your trimming will determine the look of your herb, and will influence the overall taste. Many growers don't bother trimming so much and accept to have small leaves on their buds. It's a matter of point of view.

With a small, handy, sharp scissors cut the leaves around the buds. Notice the 2 kinds of leaves : the one with trichomes and those without. Keep carefully the trichomes one. Dry them properly and store in a jar, you can convert them into hash, edible, or oil later.

After trimming, make sure no leaves stick to your clothes, it may be a problem to walk in the street with leaves on you...