Rinse (Flush) substrat

To flush, simply continue to water your plant as you were doing, but don't give a single drop of nutrients.

Rinsing the substrate allows to drain all nutrients left in the soil, forcing the plant to collect all the leftovers. When no more nutrients are left, big leaves will change colors, usually turning yellow, they could also get many different beautiful colors.

The plant will stop producing chlorophyll in leaves and will give all her last energy in the production of flowers and trichomes.

A good rinsing can take up to 2 weeks. This length of time depends on your growing system and how your plant looks when reaching the final weeks.

It is good to start to flush when you are sure when you're going to harvest. A too early flush can end up with a hungry plant exactly when she still needs nutrients to produce optimum yield.

Some growers say rinsing doesn't change anything while most claim it has best results. In any way, you save nutrients, so why not do it !

Extra tips : To avoid production of chlorophyll, some growers lower the length of time light is on. Some even switch off the lamp during a few days before harvesting. Be really careful when doing this as mold might grow very fast.