Germination with cotton wool

The first condition for a good germination rate is the right temperature : 19 – 24°C with an optimal of 22°C. It’s better to use rainwater or distilled water according to the quality of your tap water.

To be sure to have a good start, things have to be clean. Make sure soil, pots, tray, grow room and your hands are clean.

Put your seeds between 2 cotton wool (like makeup remover), place them in a little plate with water, just enough that the wool gets moist. After 2 or 3 days, you will see that the seeds have germinated. Put them in their definitive place before the radicle becomes too long.

Be very careful as the little root is very fragile.

Make a pot ready with wet soil in it, place gently the seed on the soil, with the root going down, cover super gently the roots and water again super gently to don't disturb the seedling.

If you’re on a hydroponique set-up, you can transfer the seedling to a rockwool cube or directly in the substrate.