Germination in Soil

The first condition for a good germination rate is the right temperature : 19 – 24°C with an optimal of 22°C. It’s better to use rainwater or distilled water according to the quality of your tap water.

To be sure to have a good start, things have to be clean. Make sure soil, pots, tray, grow room and your hands are clean.

You can put your seeds in a glass of water overnight but it's not necessary, and be carefull, in bad conditions it might kill the sprout. Many breeders recommend germinating seeds directly in the substrate.

Make sure the soil is clean and without any flies or mold. Fill the pot with the soil, make sure there are holes at the bottom of the pot to allow water to drain. Before putting the seed in the soil, water the soil well. Place the seed around 5 – 10 mm depth in the soil. Cover gently the seed with soil, tamp it super gently. Water the soil with a lot of care to avoid moving the seed.

The soil should be moist at all times. After a few days, the seedling should show itself and open the cotyledons.