Dry your plant

The drying process is very important and too often neglected. The smell and taste depend a lot on the drying and curing process.

To dry properly your herbs, hang the branches in a cool (~18C°) dark and well ventilated place. If hygrometrie is high (more than 50%) check regularly for mold. If you find any, remove it immediately trying not to spread spores and lower relative humidity in the room by adding extraction and ventilation.

Buds will be dried after 1 to 2 weeks. To check if it’s dry, try to break a small stem, it should make a clear noise; you should be able to grind a bud, but still feel some moisture inside.

When buds are dried (or almost dried), it’s time to put them in a jar (filled at ⅔ capacity) and to start the curing process.