Cure your buds

The curing is the most important moment to allow the weed to express the full potency of smell and taste. Average curing lasts around 2 month, and some strains will show their best after 6 month of curing. A good curing is a mix between science and feeling : the bud has to contain the right amount of humidity, and every strain and users will have a different sensibility with the curing.

Fill up ⅔ of the jar and close the lid. Open the lid for ~1hour per day for 3 days to one week. The smell should be less and less green.

The following week, open the lid just a few seconds once a day. The green smell should have disappeared.

Then keep the jar close and store at room temperature in a dark place. Check once a week that the nice smell strengthens, and that no green smell develops.

Adapt the rhythm of opening according to the smell and according to your feelings.

Be very careful that no mold shows up in the jar.

If it smells too “green”, like chlorophylle, open the lid more often. It can be very tricky but just make sure there is no mold and that the smells improve and with experience you will soon master the art of curing.

The herb should reveal their complexe smell and taste after a minimum of 3 weeks of curing.